Blinded was a 3 issue mini series I pitched at c2e2 it's inaugural year but didn't get any takers. One of my favorite publishers really liked the art and writing, but they passed because they don't do superhero books. 

Blinded is the story of David White, who is retiring after being the main superhero for his city. Yes in this world, being a hero is a job just like any other. However during his retirement party something happens that neither the city nor David were prepared for. 

The inspiration for this story came from the scene that closes the first issues, which is meant to be somewhat of a twist and hopefully catch readers off guard, but is what propels the rest of the story. Before I had even started looking for an artist I wrote all 3 issues. Once I got going it was pretty hard to stop. I had met Patric at Mega Con in Orlando a few years ago and from the first bit of art I saw of his, I was hooked and that this was a guy I had to work with. Well shortly after we met, Patric got swooped up by Dark Horse and has been killing their books ever since. In between an Abe Sapien book and the start of the Let Me In adaptation, he hit me up and said, dude, I've got a few weeks, let's do something. 

I can't thank Patric enough for taking the time to work on this. Seeing these pages come in were some of the coolest times I've had being a writer and a real dream come true. It was an honor working with him and I only hope one day we get the chance to tell the rest of this story.

Art: Patric Reynolds

Letters: Jeff Powell

Script Editor: Brittany Matter